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Paul Snowell - Paul's Absolute Fitness

Debbie's Journey

Everyday I dress for work it still amazes me how much you have motivated me to achieve, dropping two dress sizes in a matter of months is something I thought would be beyond me, especially as I am no spring chicken!!! When I think of my first day 10 mins in and nearly passing out and having to stop and now I’m throwing kettle bells, running for 15 mins without stopping and seeing continual weight loss.

Just goes to show how unfit I was after at least 30 years and no real exercise to Personal Training now being a way of life and something that forms part of my household budget. Continuing my training is as important to me as feeding my family and being called a feeder you can tell how important that is!!

Through your encouragement, your expert nutritional advice and continued motivation I consider myself to be an extremely fit and healthy 50+ female who has made changes that have not been too difficult to achieve. On my own I would never have done it and now I am reaping the benefits and I am sure it will give me a longer life expectancy, I’m afraid you are stuck with me!!

You will see by the table below the progress that was made over a short period of time.


Starting Measurements

Session 1
(10 Hours)

Session 2
(10 Hours)

Session 3
(10 Hours)

Session 4
(10 Hours)

Total Loss over 40 hours
Chest 115cm 111cm 107cm 105cm 101cm 14cm (5.5 inches)
Waist 107cm 100.5cm 97cm 95cm 93cm 14cm (5.5 inches)
Hips 117cm 112cm 108cm 106cm 102cm 15cm (5.9 inches)
Legs 58cm 57cm 56cm 56cm 53cm 5cm (1.9 inches)
Arms 32cm 31cm 30cm 30.5cm 28.5cm 3.5cm (1.3 inches)


Paul Snowell - Paul's Absolute Fitness

Simone's Journey

I started my weight loss journey back in April 2013, joining Slinfold gym and visiting twice a week. I have never dieted to lose weight! Just cutting down on what I eat and making sensible choices!

I started out at 16 stone 7 and my goal was to get back to 13 stone which is where I was before my two children arrived (both by caesarean section)

After 5 months, I had managed to lose just over 2 stone and then thought that the latter end of my journey wasn't going to be quite so easy!

I contacted Paul who has been great, giving me advice on diet and what to eat, but more importantly when to eat it! Educating me on protein and how our body uses it!

He worked with me, giving me new, challenging gym sessions to target all areas of my body.

I am very disciplined, so with my new workout, I would go away for 2 months, then revisit Paul to review my measurements and to get a new workout.

To date, he has worked with me and I have managed to lose 21.5cm off of my whole body, but more importantly, I am now only 9 pounds away from my goal! He has educated me in varying areas of diet and fluid! My body fat percentage started at 49% and with his help is now 34%!

I would recommend Paul to anyone who is on an exciting journey like mine! I get great joy when I visit the gym and get a new work out too, as it stops the gym becoming boring.

Sadly I lost my daddy to a long fight against cancer last year. My motivation has always been there as I promised him (and me) that I would lose weight and get back to where I was. I just wish he was still here with me to see that with Pauls help, I have almost succeeded!

It's been a long journey, but the pounds have come off slowly but surely, the best way to keep it off for good!


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